Now at a Centre near You!Ligi Ndogo Parklands

Ligi Ndogo is proud to introduce a free holiday program at Parklands City Park centre in its latest expansion program.

The initiative is in conjunction with Novel Academy and City Park Arena (CPA) and will run from 11th to 22nd December 2017.
The center initially opened on April 8 but will have an introductory free session this holiday to give more insight into the Ligi Ndogo Football Curriculum and how to play the Ligi Ndogo way.

These sessions will be held from Monday to Saturday,10 am to 12 pm.

The expansion takes place in response to the growing demand for a youth soccer program from areas such as Pangani, Park Road, Parklands,Westlands,Gigiri,Muthaiga and its environs.

The program is open to both boys and girls aged 4 to 16 and will run parallel to the other centers’ curriculum.

Keeping kids out of mischief with therapeutic value.

Since its inception,Ligi Ndogo has been dedicated to ensuring that children have fun and get proper and safe physical exercise.This is still our core value.

Play is essential for the physical and mental growth of children as it stimulates physical development like coordination and balance and mental values like focus and retention.

Medical research also shows that children who actively engage in exercise tend to be brighter in class and relate well with their peers.They also develop better social skills;engaging them in sporty physical activities, such as football, is important. While having fun playing football,children get a chance to identify and nurture their talent, besides boosting their physical fitness.They also get a chance to socialize with their peers while at the same time learning how to work as a team,manage anger and deal with unmet expectations especially during competitions.
Children as young as four years can join Ligi Ndogo, and with the help of our professional trainers, some will end up pursuing football-related careers.
Ligi Ndogo goes to the extent of organizing tournaments against teams from academies around the world.This gives the youngsters a chance to compete with teams from the best academies in the world.

During the sessions, children will be grouped into various classes and the intensity of training is dependent on the age groups.

Ligi Ndogo Parklands will have a program for every age group:Atoms (U7), Juniors (U12) and mids (U16).
Every group will have its own coach and an assistant. The sessions are designed to be fun and to develop skills among the youngsters.

Ligi aims to help them gain physical fitness and to bring coordination in children especially below the age of 11;the soft football exercises they play are meant to instill certain discipline like cooperation and teamwork.

Above the age of 11, the children will be taught  tricks and tactics after determining  that they are keen to pursue a career in football.

Ligi Ndogo is now at a centre near you.Come Play!



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