LIGI NDOGO is pleased to announce the second edition of 9-a-side Planet Cup. On behalf of our members, we invite your school or association to  the 2015 cup. The tournament is for boys aged 14.

GENERAL Planets cup is an invitation only tournament.The teams have been carefully selected to allow for competitiveness and fairness.Factors such as proximity and school calendar and season have also been factored in the considerations.

We hope that participation from your team will provide the fun and competition and learning that we aim to impart.

20 high quality teams have been invited to participate in this first edition.

WHERE Ligi Ndogo Grounds,Ngong’ Rd.

WHENThe Planets' Cup Competition will begin on Saturday, May 16, 2015 and will conclude on Saturday, June 20, 2015.The tournament will take place over six Saturdays from 2-4 pm

WHAT The tournament will be played in a league form. Winners and runners up will receive individual trophies. Participation certificates will be given to all players. All players will receive a souvenir badge from the tournament organizers. Team pennants will be exchanged before each game.

WHO Invitations are sent to schools and associations  in Nairobi.

A team shall consist of a maximum of 20 players. Proof of age will be by the organizing committee and the relevant sports teacher,the school or sports department. No guest players are allowed.

HOW To enter this tournament, complete the sent application form, enclose a check in the amount of  Ksh 10,000 or  send to payBill number  531300.

Invited teams should confirm participation by May 2 2014.Tournament rules and regulations shall be forwarded to confirmed teams.

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