Rising Teens

???????????????????????????????Technique and method is carried on with while attacking in shape and defending  two man upwards is introduced.

The curriculum/sessions are increased to provide a platform that teaches players the skills to progress onto the main team,continue play in more intense organised games/tournaments and other calendar programs.


The curriculum introduces attack and defense in an organised manner while continuing with  aspects such as Changing direction,Shooting & Accuracy,Receiving & Control,Passing: Direction, Possession & Penetration,Attacking/Defending and creative play and games at the end of the season.

This seasons program is designed as follows:

Main Focus

  • Feints/Shooting
  • Scissors/Step Over
  • Lunge Step (Dropping Shoulder)
  • Fake Shot then finish with the weaker foot targeting far post

Playing Forms 4-4/3-3

  • Goal posts
  • Dribble Lines/Goals/Multiple Goals
  • Attacking in Diamon/Defending Futsal Shape 2 + 2

At the end of the season the player should be able to apply this in free play and play defense 1 v 1.