Details and Curriculum


School’s Out Camp Details

Where: Ligi Ndogo Ngong’ Rd & Arena
When: Every Holiday break recess 2nd – 15th Apr, 31 Jul – 2nd Sept & 30th Oct to 20th Dec
 Note: December program has three cycles of 12 days each
Age: 4-16
Ability: First time and recreational level players
Duration: 12 days
Times: 9:30am-12.30pm
Cost: 10000Ksh package + Branded Unifrom

Atoms Under 6 Cropped

School’s Out Program

U7  Objectives
Scrimmage Taking up positions during games
Technical Improve basic individual technique
Physical Develop coordination & basic motor skills with/without the ball
Psychosocial Feel comfortable and confident with the ball
 At the end:  The player should be able to handle the ball with at least one footand one hand,occupy the original position during the game once anaction is finished and be able to run jump and stop with and without the


U8  Objectives
Scrimmage Balance in relation to the ball and teammates during game
Technical Individual and collective basic soccer techniques
Physical Develop speed,coordination and basic motor skills with and without theball
Psychosocial Interact with teammates during training
 At the end:  The player should be able to stop and run with the ball at full speed,move forward when attacking and retreating when defending and beable to apply basic quick movements with and without the ball.
U10  Objectives
Scrimmage Efficiently occupy the spaces on the field
Tactical Creating space to receive the ball and keep possession
Technical Develop speed,coordination and balance with and without the ball
Psychosocial Positive interaction with teammates during the game
 At the end:  The player should be  able have basic skills in 1 v 1 situations,balancein relation to the ball (forward,backwards and side to side) and possessbasic coordinated movements with and without the ball
U12  Objectives
Scrimmage Match focus is on possession and transition;improve transitition andpossession as well as collective defending during the match.
Tactical Improve attacking principles and basic defending and combination play.
Technical Accuracy speed,agility,coordination and balance.Focus on quality ofpassing and receiving technique and ball control in game situations.
Psychosocial Cooperate with teammates in collective tasks and improve collectiveself confidence.
 At the end:  The player must be capable of application of technique at speed ingame situations,application of attacking an defending principles in gameand agility,coordination and speed movements in simple practises.
U14  Objective
Scrimmage Coordinated play out from the back,possession,transititon,combinationplay and finishing during the game.
Tactical Application of attacking principles to create combination play
Technical Focus on quality of passing and receiving technique,ball control andfinishing in small and big spaces.
Pysical & Psychosocial General development of endurance,speed and strength and competitionin team and individual situations.
 At the end:  The player should be able to play short and long accurate passesin collective practises;play combination play and communicate withteammates.He should combine endurance and speed during games.
U15-18  Objective
Scrimmage Development of possession of the ball at speed and quick organizationof zonal defending
Tactical Application of attacking and defending principles in SSG
Technical Focus on speed of passing and receiving technique,ball control in smallspaces
Pysical & Psychosocial Basic development of aerobic power,acyclic speed and explosivestrength and commitment to the team.
 At the end: Playing short passes at speed in small spaces,coordination of tacticalprinciples with teammates and show good fitness in mid/highdemanding aerobic power practises.