About E.A. Cup

Ligi Ndogo East Africa Cup runs parallel to the overall ideals of Ligi Ndogo S.C. with the added impetus of bringing people together.We want to share with other countries  Ligi’s Vision: Raise superstars and realize the untapped potential in all of us!

Your entry form  must reach the East Africa Cup by the latest date the Monday 18th of July, 2016 after verification on the submitted documents has been done and participation approved or denied.east africa logo

Local teams will pay USD46 and international teams USD96 towards registration and participation.

The participation fee must reach the East Africa Cup by 10th August.


After you have registered your team online or at our offices you will receive a confirmation that you are registered, a login to our website and an invoice for the start fee. You will receive an invoice for the participation fees up to the 10th of August.


Payments through your bank can be done to:
Ligi Ndogo LTD / free mPesa transactions on Pay Bill #531300


Payment dates are:

  • Start fee 29th of July, 2017
  • Participation fee 10th of August, 2017
  • Extra orders 1st of July, 2017

Cancellations and no show

The start fee is non-refundable with any kind of cancellation or no show.
The participation fees are refundable minus 30% if you cancel before 17th of August.
The participation fees are non-refundable if you cancel or do not show up after the 17th of August.

These rules apply even if the no show is due to delays or cancelled trains, planes or ferries, strikes, lockout, blockades or other similar events. There is no financial compensation to teams that miss games because of another team’s no show.

Injuries and insurance

A participant is responsible and liable for injuries and damages committed on or off the field. Each club must ensure that their club members are insured both on and off the field.

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