To further nurture the football potential in Kenya,Ligi Ndogo organizes trips and tournaments  locally and abroad.

Since 2004,Ligi Ndognewcastleo has toured the UK to take part in the prestigious Keele International Cup formerly Umbro International cup held annually in Manchester and now Keele. Ligi Ndogo’s achievements in these tournaments has been commendable with the various teams winning trophies and medals on numerous occasions.Ligi Ndogo is the only Kenyan team to have graced the winner’s podium since inception.
Ligi Ndogo Planets also takes part in  the PlussbankCup in Kristiansand and Venesela,Norway.
Plussbank Cup is a tournament for adolescents aged between 8 and 18 years.It began in 2008 and has attracted more than 1000 teams since.It is run by clubs,Vindbjart and Donn.
PlussbankCup offers a very good experience to players and families who choose to combine the cup and holiday in southern Norway.

Back at home,Ligi Ndogo grounds is home to the region’s most prestigious tournament,the East Africa Cup and the Ligi Ndogo Planets Cup.

The Ligi Ndogo East Africa Cup is an international youth football tournament organized for members of the East African Community. 60 teams participated this year in categories ranging from nine years old to eighteen years old . That makes the tournament the biggest in Eastern part of Africa.

Ligi Ndogo is opening up an early opportunity for you to be part of these exciting tours that could open up doors for your football career.photofun-1104420984