Rules for Players

I will attend practice regularly.

I will strive to be a student athlete and maintain a certain grade.

I will have constant improvement in my performance card.

I understand that Ligi Ndogo is a no substance abuse zone.I will not take part in any hazing ,harassment or verbal abuse.

I will keep in touch with the coach and be on a friendly but respectful grounds.

I will be on time for practices, games and any other Ligi Ndogo activity that my presence is required.
I will cooperate with the coach in all matters relating to football and discuss issues and concerns first with my coach and then, if dissatisfied,involve my parents to pick it up with the club.
I will not criticize the referee openly or directly, during or after games. Any criticism shall be done through my coach during breaks or my captain when match is on.
will shake hands immediately after every game,regardless of the outcome.
I shall show the quality of my sportsmanship during and after each and every match.

I understand that improper behavior at practice or at a match may result in a yellow card or being banished to a sin bin.

I understand that (upon review) Ligi Ndogo can, and will,if necessary, suspend my individual privilege to be a member of the club.I agree to do my best to have as much fun playing the game and for my fellow teammates.