Rules For Coaches

These are the rules that govern Ligi Ndogo coaches:

  • The coach will make sure the players understand the LIGI NDOGO mission,vision and objectives.
  • The coach will make sure that players maintain LIGI NDOGO standards.
  • The coach will motivate players and give moral support and teach humility in win/lose.
  • The coach shall take a roll call before and after practice / game.
  • At all times,the coach will follow the LIGI NDOGO seasonal curriculum.Every practice session will be run and completed within a certain time limit.They will have a daily,weekly,seasonal and a yearly plan.
  • The coach will follow and document progress/detriment of kids through progress report sheets,monitor and give communications to parents.
  • The coach will constantly be in touch with the main office and highlight challenges.
  • The coach will strive to be within coaching standards set by the league and national body.
  • The coach will be  in charge and control at all times even in delegation of duties.
  • The coach shall have a book for player evaluation and attendance.
  • The coach will constantly improve on skill and intellectual level by attending refresher courses.
  • The coach is required to be civil and respectful.
  • The coach shall place player improvemnet before his need for a win.
  • All the coaches are required to review and practice basic first aid principles needed to treat injuries.
  • They must know and update themselves with the rules of the game.
  • The coach  must keep to the standard club dressing code.