Youth Program

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Much of the training with the U20 age group will continue the refinement of skills and tactics previously learned with an emphasis on developing positional and team play. The objective of this training is improved consistency and speed of play, team play and positioning.

Main Focus:

  1. Keeping time
  2. Refine techniques, tactics and physical fitness learned/achieved earlier in their careers by taking time on their own to practice.
  3. Composure under pressure.
  4. Look around before receiving a pass to know the passing options before receiving.
  5. Players must develop a complete understanding of attacking and defending responsibilities.
  6. Video analysis of team and individual performance developed around problem solving discussions.
  7. Playing Forms
    • Warm-up, small group activities, dynamic range of motion stretching
    • 4 v 4,4 v 4+2
    • Directional games playing to targets and/or zones. Intersperse positional functional training -approximately 25 minutes-with small-sided games.
    • Finish with cool-down activity, including static stretching.